Style Odyssey


Style Odyssey is a curation of unique and feminine women's wear brands and designers that are yet to be discovered in the United Kingdom. Already making fashion waves in their respective market places, be it Australia, New Zealand, America or other, the pieces featured on Style Odyssey will allow you to shop a style not yet available here.
Style Odyssey's founder, Melani Gibson, is originally from New Zealand and over the last 10 years living in the UK always reverted back to the many Antipodean designers that were renowned for their feminine occasion wear at a contemporary price point. Whenever there was an event or trip she struggled to find anything that sat between the impossibly expensive designer pieces or the disposable, dime-a-dozen high street. Resorting to shipping garments from down under was the only option to obtain original and beautifully made garments for a reasonable price. 
Melani came from a brand background, and it was as the Global Brand Manager of an international restaurant group that her urge to change tact with her career and follow her obsession. Moving into a career in luxury fashion and fine jewellery retail, Melani gained both industry knowledge and experience but also the very valuable insight of understanding how to style the most discerning of customers and create lasting relationships built on trust and respect.
Melani is hugely passionate about woman shopping for pieces that will not only empower them, but will go beyond a trend or phase and will be considered lifetime pieces they adore for seasons to come.